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Company Profiles and Managers Company Profiles and Managers

> From USA, Canada & UK
> From Brasil, Mexico & Latin America
> From China, India & Russia: New Data!

  • Company profiles by # of employees, activity type and SIC code, annual revenue, # of branches
  • Company profiles by # of PCs, internet provider, if they have an internal datacenter, if they have an internal contact center or external
  • Company profiles by ERP and CRM they use
  • Manager profiles: IT, Financial, Operations, HR and others
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Why Xtendo? Why Xtendo?

Our focus, knowledge and experience in the research of B2B market information, and our large Data Bank that is constantly fed, allow us great flexibility and efficiency in obtaining information, and therefore we are the only company to offer warranty agreement for 100% updated data!

Measurements of our customers indicate that sold USD 300,000 of its solutions for every USD 30,000 of marketing lists contracted to Xtendo.

Learn how our customers get the best results in their marketing efforts, and higher rates of return on investment (ROI).

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Keep on target with us! Keep on target with us!

  • Improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales, thanks to our 100% updated data
  • Comply with the laws of privacy data with our survey methods
  • Keeping segmented and ranked the market, positioned directly into accounts that really are a target
  • Make better prospecting and detect more leads
  • Getting new customers faster and faster, increasing the turnover of your company
  • Win market share and recruit installed base of competition

(but only if you know how to acquire it)

Our Customers

  • telecom
  • sap
  • oracle
  • kronos
  • microsoft
  • cisco
  • sfdc_lockup_cs3R1
  • alcatel
  • facebook
  • millicom
  • century_link
  • autodesk3
  • cessi
  • dassaut-systemes
  • schneider-electric
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