About Us

What we do?

Xtendo Group collaborates with its customers to realize effective business actions, by updating and enriching their data with information 100% previously verified by phone and online.

Who we are?

“Our mission is simplify your market intelligence” – Martin Barbero, Managing Partner

We are a company established since the year 2002 in Uruguay specialized in Market Intelligence, with broad experience working for several industries and companies sizes, giving measurable results for managers in different areas as marketing, sales and operations. We accomplish the guidelines of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) about ethical business practices.

How we collect data?

We have successful alliances with several kind of important organizations that provide us with initial information about the accounts in the Americas and Europe, which is 100% verified and enriched by us, using advanced processes via telephone and online, thus forming our own updated Data Bank, which is hosted on secure servers in the U.S. and it is a trusted source since the year 2002 for leading companies including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Telecom and Alcatel-Lucent, between others.

Our value

Helping our customers to have updated and enriched data to obtain the best results in their business activities. Xtendo has signed NDA with corporate customers that we manage their data. Respect our compromise with our customers is our main success factor, for keep working for them along 10 years we have celebrated as company.

Why Xtendo?

Our focus, knowledge and experience in the research of B2B market information, and our large Data Bank that is constantly fed, allow us great flexibility and efficiency in obtaining information, and therefore we are the only company to offer warranty agreement for 100% updated data!

This warranty allows your company to achieve lower costs per contact, leaving in the past wasted time and money to call wrong phone numbers, send emails or postal mail pieces that never arrive at their destination. No more complaints from sales staff, you can keep them working happily. DO NOT BE FOOLED with other databases whose real uncertainty margins exceeding 50%! Take advantage of the Xtendo.biz professional methodology. FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND.

With Xtendo Group, You will achieve greater effectiveness in business tactics, increasing revenue from new and existing customers, extend the quantity of active accounts of each sales territory, reducing costs of execution, and maximizing the return on investment for your company. Contact us to check it, as have already done with us leading companies in their industries.