Profiles, Prospects & Leads


Thanks to the partnerships we have developed in the Americas and Europe with important organizations, and our advanced telemarketing processes and teams, we can offer you qualified information on any country in Americas and Europe speaking English, Spanish or Portuguese. If you want to take advantage of existing databases in your company, we can update them, and make you a discount for the data you had updated.

In addition we investigate additional data of the accounts (account profiling) and those contacts that are useful for your business (contacts discovery), enrich your information to profiling the market better, reach the business target you need more quickly, and expand sales opportunities.

Let´s do you prospecting easier with marketing lists gives you targeted and qualified list, where you can consult:

  • Company profiles by # of employees, activity type and SIC code, annual revenue, # of branches
  • Company profiles by # of PCs, internet provider, if they have an internal datacenter, if they have an internal contact center or external
  • Company profiles by ERP and CRM they use
  • COMPETITORS MAP by geography and accounts size
  • ACCOUNTS RANKINGS by activity type and solutions they use
  • CHANNEL INTELLIGENCE by brands they sell
  • Manager profiles: IT, Financial, Operations, HR and others

What you need to get started?

  • The profile of companies and contacts you want to get, we generate the list meets this profile, so you can concentrate on offering your product or service directly.
  • The type of contact that will be performed, by e-mail, by phone, by mail.
  • The attributes of information that are important to find business opportunity, and that values must have these attributes.

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